Our company was started by a dreamer, yes, it started as a dream but now we are creating our own reality.

We are here to make a statement when it comes to delicious, healthy and organic snacks.
Our team is constantly working hard to come up with fascinating and unique recipes to
share our delicious experiences with the world.
Using culinary creativity, we challenge ourselves to bringing you varieties of rich,
delicious & healthy snacks. Our recipes are all natural, no preservatives or nitrites.
All our products are organic.

Be assured, every piece of our snack is a delight.
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Hexsnacks, a subsidiary of Hexasope Enterprise LLC.


We source for the finest product…. Simple!!!

Our beef jerky are ONLY grass-fed cattles.
Our jerky are hand cut from solid beef; carefully marinated, dried and precisely packaged with love.
Our coconut products are directly from the richest cultivation
We are passionate about our snacks.
We have spent years perfecting our recipes to guarantee the snacks you’d fall in love with.
Simply rich, delicious and healthy snacks.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
We would like you to be part of our fast growing family of customers.

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